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It's A.ok to talk, to say something about suicide. Just say something!!!

It's been a privilege to work with almost 2000 people directly in New Zealand, Malaysia and Australia in suicide prevention and intervention. Seeing the turning point in peoples learning is very rewarding, especially when participants arrive at the workshop with so much fear around and caution around the way they communicate about suicide, hoping that they do not offend, trigger, or erupt belief and value systems that might cause any kind of disruption to their learning or post workshop socialisation. We get it, people talk, maybe not in the workshop, but most certainly people care about what you have to say.

Unfortunately, we don't want to go against the wave and say the wrong thing that might end up in the wrong social group or social chat forums, so we play it safe and say nothing and instead give people the idea, that we have 'their views' of suicide in mind, whatever the hell it is and want to respect it so much so, that we indirectly contribute to the lack of services, alertness, rescuers, listeners, carers, helpers to those sitting on the edge of the bridge (mentally speaking) wondering if anyone notices, their subtle (sometimes obvious) behaviour changes, emotional switches, a silent cry for help, changes that could not should because should is the inoperative word, be noticed, if we don't talk or say something!!!

If you are that person, that finds it hard to speak up, i encourage you to, your insights on life, your experiences from within, will influence someones way of doing things, even if it is a 1degree shift of perspective, a 1degree level of deeper understanding, a 1degree increase in confidence, or a 1 Degree move away from discrimination and judgement, your voice made a difference. And even if that doesn't happen, you will hear your voice so loudly, that you will hear the power you have to make a difference in one persons life....your own.

Attend one of our A-OK workshops and be a part of suicide-safer community.

Caroline Wilson

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