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Our 20+ year journey to now
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1 DEGREE WORKSHOPS officially begun in 2009. Our training development and delivery skills started in 1999 where we were working with young underprivileged kids in a low decile school, supporting them to engage in school and learn. While it was a passion activity in 1999, it began to grow into a career in the health sector and then the corporate sector with a company called Zealmark Group. This led us to developing a training partner in Malaysia called Geopower, where we worked with various government departments, training them in Malaysia, Sweden and New Zealand.  This experience helped us define our target audience. After one of the workshops, a participant shared:


"I wish I knew this about myself before I choose my career, I now know why I struggle coming to work everyday, I am in the wrong department.  Had I known this information about myself earlier, I would be living my dream job."


He also recommended, we create school formats for these workshops to help our future generation make better vocational decisions not career decisions, with the ultimate goal to help young people make decisions that will lead them to living out their passions and dreams.

Since 2010, we have built a repertoire of training programs based on student life-skills, leadership skills, vocational pathways, relationships skills, financial skills etc. - see our repertoire here


The beginning of 1degree workshops
 1degree workshops founders

Petia and Caroline Wilson are the founders of 1degree workshops. Both are creatives who have worked in the youth, health, mental health, community, police, education, performing arts and corporate sectors and have come together to identify key problem areas that stifle growth opportunities.


The combination of theory, practice, experience, evidence-based research and creativity have contributed to the development of 1degree workshops.   The continual development of workshops have been driven by the communities, schools, organisations that have specified learning needs that require a workshop.

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1degree facilitators                           



  • Passionate about learning 

  • Embrace differences 

  • Team approach

  • Learning is about process

  • Experienced facilitator

  • Agrees with the 1degree fundamentals above.

  • Resourceful, creative, talented

  • Is currently living their dream or has achieved their dream and is in pursuit of another one.

  • Loves to help people explore and find their turning points of change and transformation.




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1degree faciliators are selected based on their availability and commitment to the scheduled workshops.  

They understand the fundamentals of the 1degree workshops and will work towards implementing these in their faciliation.  


Facilitators learning from delivering these workshops will contribute to the continuous improvement and refinement of current and future workshop development.





The FUNDAMENTALS of 1degree workshops is:


  • Faciliation not Teaching

  • Environmental conditioning not behavioural

  • Learning is reciprocal

  • Process is important

  • Genuine care for the learners progress

  • Flexibility in facilitation styles

  • Preparation and timeliness are essential

  • Content is important

  • Learning outcomes are important




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