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"Living the Dream"

"Living the Dream" is easy said than done, right? "Not living the dream" is not easy said than done. Sure, living the dream means, you have to sound like an alien when you say, you are going to leave your full time job, sell your house and sell your car to pursue a path that very few people endeavour. Imagine those guys, who said, I am going to make cars fly, I am going to invent phones that do not connect to a wall, I am going to create a way to make light work at a flick of a switch.

Can you imagine how people viewed them? They would have said things like "crazy", "are you absurd", "who do you think you are?" Regardless, they would have pursued it knowing they were living the dream. There will be times, when failures, isolation, alienation, poverty, creative blocks, lack of sales, bad reviews will hit the hardest, but these moments only create a sense of progress, knowledge, learning, insights, character cuts, that only come because you decided to live the dream. Does it hurt, frustrate, make you lose sleep, drink numerous amounts of coffee and even adopt new addictions to cater for the cost you have paid to live the dream, yes, it sure does and then some.

These feelings of lowliness, stress, uncertainly, doubt, failure and misery at times are incomparable to the void, emptiness, loss of purpose, lack of self worth that can come with "not living the dream".

I write this blog, to encourage those dream chasers to just do, I encourage those not living the dream to just do, even if it makes you look like the fool, sound like a crazy person, feel like a loser, feel out of place and misunderstood, I challenge you to just do it!!! Live your dream today and see where your dream takes you.

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