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1 degree to influence change

1 degree workshops has been influenced by scientific research that shows that there is 1 degree difference between the state of ice and liquid, hot and boiling water, and boiling water and gas states. What influences the difference is time, process, interaction and perserverence.

This can be compared to our personal journey. We all have an ideal or desired state or kind of person we want to become as we live and experience life. The process that takes you there, is called transformation or metamorphism, the evolvement of changed states that occurs primarily due to extreme temperatures and pressures that influence a synchronisation of change....sorry about the big words, in simple terms, transformation comes during the hard times, it happens when you are able to find ways to withstand these events. Its the withstanding, seeing it through, coming out on the other end, having learnt more depth about yourself, exploring and discovering new thresholds, skills, hidden talents, endurance, perserverence, that unveils a you, that only comes from having the understanding and skills to expect and respond.

The key is:

1. Desire transformation.

2. Prepare for the extreme temperatures that life brings your way.

3. Be still, let the extremes take its course

4. Remember, at the point where you want to quit, you are near the point of transformation.

5. Be prepared to say good bye to the old you and what comes with it.


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