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influencing change together

 "It takes a village to raise a child"  1degree workshops promises a 1degree shift in minds, attitudes perspective, insights in the hope that overtime, with support, awareness and acquired skill, the degree of shift in mindset, attitude and behaviour increases.  


We acknowledge that we have blindspots, limitations and areas of ongoing development in our workshops.  Our intention is not to be everything to everyone, but to be part of the wider solution, wider influence, wider degree of change and impact.  


Collaboration and Partnerships in the delivery of 1degree workshops are pivotal in meeting wider learning styles, engaging and connecting on a deeper level and providing ongoing support after the workshops are delivered.  We acknowledge and invite YOU to partner with us, to influence change and raise up the new generation of influencers.  


                     our current partners below, if interested please apply here

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MADD Learning Mediums 

We collaborate with MADD Messenger, Petia Wilson and team who use their MADD talents in Music, Art, Drama, Dance to achieve specific learning outcomes. MADD Messenger delivers SUPER Heroes Workshops
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Social workers in schools play a privotal role in the workshops we deliver.  They are there to provide professional support and access to a wide range of services to support learners.  Here are some of the SWIS organsiations we currently partner with.

Kila's Styles 

In week 8,9 and 10 of the SUPERMODEL workshop, Stylst, Fashion extraordinarie, Nora Swann and her team bring colours, instance confidence, pizzazz and omph in the SUPERMODEL workshops.  The girls are always excited for transformations with Kila's Style team.
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1degree workshops have been delivered in numerous schools.  We have delivered presentations in school assemblies with the help of the MADD messenger crew, we have various workshop formats ranging from a full day, half day, 2 hours to 1 hour per week sessions during a whole term or a whole year.  Each school has contributed to the development of various workshop formats to suit the learning needs and structure for each school group. We would like to acknowledge the following for the opportunities to partner and contribute to the development of our young people in their schools. 


1degree workshops have had the opportunities deliver workshops in the PTEs with MADD messenger.  In the tertiary sector, the focus is on wellbeing, the ability understand the variations of their identity that allow them to adapt, resolve, negotiate, make good decisions and own their outcomes.  

Partnering organisations/businesses

1Degree workshops have had the assistance of local businesses help with 1Degree events to ensure learners experience a sense of completion, accomplishment, celebration and excellence.  This is one of our growth areas in 2016, to work alongside local businesses and organisations to provide opportunities to further their development and accomplishment.
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