A presentation about the importance of self acceptance. Art, Music, Drama, Speaking, are used to convey this message.

An interactive session about identifying the self talk that keeps you from being you.

interactive full day workshop that covers 5 key topics about the person’s Identity. Their Cultural roots, Intelligences, Passion, Talents and Personalities.

Both the individual and group are exposed to the essentials and development benefits of ethnic and cultural expression.

Participants will understand the facet of passion, and learn how to identify and nurture their passion throughout life.

A powerful session where, participants will gain knowledge about the 7 intelligences and identify how they process information and learn.

Participants will learn how to identify their natural abilities and will be given a talent development formula that guarantees achievement.

Participants will learn to work with others by understanding different personality types and how to build relationships and minimise conflict.

A presentation/workshop about pursuing your dream. Dare you to dream, Realise where it comes from, Expect hardships, Ask and Access, finally, Move.

An interactive workshop that aims to map out a pathway to achieving your dream using a Game Plan template.

Kila's Style session about walking tall, walking with confidence. A preparation session before the runway showcase.

Kila's Style session, on best physical features and how to highlight this with your skin tone colours. Beautified by natural colours and tones.

An interactive 5 part workshop, that explores leadership abilities that influences change in them- selves and others, to achieve their goals and live their dreams.

HABITS As habitual people, we must be aware of what our habits are.

COMMUNICATION Learn different communication styles to effectively lead people to achieve your goals.

YOLO Understand- ing your time perception and efficiency strategies.

MINDSET Task vs. People. Identify your leader mindset and blindspots.

RELATIONSHIPS Building healthy relations to bring the best out of people.

An interactive workshop that explores what true freedom is, in the sense of addictions, rules, authority and responsibility.

An interactive workshop that aims to equip both the hopeless to seek help and hopeful to offer help to the hopeless, by recognising hopeless signs.

An interactive, practical workshop about recognising your comfort zone and developing a strategy out of it. Boot camp style delivery.

Creating opportunities to capture learning and apply acquired knowledge. Options: Art, Performing Arts, Music, Video, Drama.


The runway event where whanau, family and community are invited by the SUPERmodel students to support their runway debut.


90 min presentation answering the question: "should we talk about suicide". A Livingworks workshop for the community.

aoktalk with no ls
aoktalk with no ls

1 hour talk introducing people to life-supporting communities and suicide prevention

SFANZ quality logo
SFANZ quality logo

1 day suicide first aid training. Ideal for staff and students in leadership roles to attend


Checkmate skills. Learn how to check in on your mates. Learn how your mate is reaching out to you for help and how you can respond to their cry for help.

4 hour session, creating awareness and up skills suicide alert helpers in our community.

Two day session, learning ASIST - Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training for community leaders, providers and gatekeeper roles. No. 1 suicide prevention program in the world.

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